Fast. Effective. Aesthetic
Green and budget-friendly
Easy to maintain and repair
Low-noise and clean application
Anti-bacterial coating
Laminaty Architektoniczne 3M Di-Noc
Laminaty Architektoniczne 3M Di-Noc

Reimagine any space

hotels, office rooms, conference centres, expo centres, event venues, yachts,
and mass transit vehicles







The 3M™ DI-NOC™ series helps convert any space faster and with much less labour intensity than any other finish and without unnecessary waste or prolonged business downtime. The space surfaces can be finished with architectural films from a wide selection of patterns: from luxurious and rare, almost lifelike wood grains, to many stone and metal-like finishes.

The DI-NOC™ laminates are durable, pliant and easy to apply. They can be used for remodelling and finish-wrapping of surfaces which are uneven, featuring various textures and complex geometric features, including doors, lift cabins and doors, cladding panels, ceiling surfaces, furniture, columns, and walls.