3M™ energy saving sun control window films

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Over 50 years ago, 3M was the first manufacturer to patent a window film. 3M has been the leader in sun control window films ever since. The sun control window films from 3M help cut electricity bills.

Measurable benefits from using the foil:

  • cost saving (from 40 till 80 PLN on each square meter)
  • restriction of heat increase on summer days even by 79 percent
  • energy saving up to 190 kWh on square meter of the glass
  • fast return on investment even after 3 years time

Cooling the building interior by just 1°C can cost 3 to 4 times more than indoor heating. The 3M sun control window films reduce the transfer of sunlight heat to the building interior, limit the operating costs of air conditioning, and improve the building interior and exterior finish. The sun control window films help keep the indoor spaces comfortably cool in hot summer months. If a building is not air-conditioned, the sun control window film can reduce the indoor temperature and improve the thermal comfort of occupants. The 3M window films also help inhibit the fading of interior fittings while reducing or eliminating glare by sunlight and reflections of light.

3M™ Prestige sun control films

Prestige is the state of the art in sun control window films from 3M™. The multi-ply Prestige films are free from metals (and are the only window films which are 5G ready), and their manufacturing process uses nanotechnology. These features provide the film with a very high sunlight reflection coefficient and visible light transmission which is incomparably higher than that of other sun control films available on the market. Application: External window glass surfaces in commercial, public and residential buildings.

The 3M™ Prestige series of sun control films provides all the benefits of the solar film without changing the appearance of the windows. The 3M™ Prestige sun control films remain virtually unnoticeable and do not impede the view through the window.

  • Invisible, low-reflectance, and without affecting the building’s appearance
  • Significant reduction of sunlight heat transmission to the interior
  • Reduced air conditioning power costs with improved indoor comfort
  • High transparency and light transmittance
  • Non-metallic window film for glass exterior application with perfect corrosion resistance and zero interference to mobile service signal
  • Up to 15 years of warranty

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